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Fog Fluids & Fog Scents

Produce great fog effects with these fog machines, fog fluid, and fog scents.


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Are you tired of buying cheap fog machines that don't live up to your expectations, make you wait longer between bursts of fog than the time they actually make fog, and seem to break every year?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you have come to the right place!

All of our machines:

  • Produce thick fog
  • Have very short or NO reheating cycles
  • Last for years
  • Come with a Warranty

If you want to be the envy of your neigborhood or throw a fantastic haunt, then check out our HFXP line of professional fog machines.

These machines are used worldwide in professional haunts, private parties, rock venues, Las Vegas stages and more.

Whether you are a professional haunter, or just want to have an awesome home haunt, you will be able to find a fogger that suits your needs. Each of our fog machines has characteristics that makes them the best foggers in the world.

When choosing a fog machine, there are six things to consider:
1. Type of fog produced. Do you want it to be on the ground, or in the air?
2. Distance fog will shoot.
3. Amount of fog produced in cubic feet per minute (CFM).
4. Re-heating time between blasts of fog.
5. Wattage.
6. Cost.

All of these items determine which fog machine is best for you.

Go ahead and click on the different machines below to learn about their characteristics.

Fog Machines 

So you have all your Halloween props set up, but you still feel like you are missing that special something. Good news! Hook up one of our incredible fog machines, and add some of our fog fluid and nose-curling fog scents - and you are sure to get the eerie look, smell, and feel you have been dying for.

We have some of the best fog machines in the world, and they produce the cleanest and thickest fog you can get. Our fog is made to creep, roll and fill the air with spine chilling sinister effects. We guarantee it.

Our fog machines are going to last a long time, giving you the satisfaction of setting up horrifying, thrilling haunts for years. And with our fog machines, you don’t have to endure those awful reheating cycles you get with other machines. You are going to love the unearthly effects you get from our fog machines!

CO2 and Dry Ice

Our CO2 effects or dry ice are just the things you need to put a sinister chill in the air. Our dry ice making machine allows you to add dry ice to all types of Halloween props to give you that supernatural effect. Drop some dry ice into a few beakers with colored water to give your potions the look of real toxicity.

Hook up a tank of CO2 (regular Carbon Dioxide) to our CO2 Blasters and spray down your haunt with an extreme level of dense fog that no one will be able to see through! And the great thing about CO2 fog, is that is dissipates in only 10 seconds. Use it to simulate steam escaping from pipes, or cryogenic freezing fog.

Give your haunted house or yard that menacing feel with our Swamp Creeper Fog Machine, which uses either water ice or dry ice to create creepy dense ground clouds of fog. With our CO2 effects and dry ice machines, you will have all the ominous fog you need.

Fog Fluid

Halloween FX carries only top of the line fog fluids. They are 100% pharmaceutical-grade, water-based fog fluids. This way, you only terrify your guests - not poison them with harmful impure ingredients.

Our fog fluid is also guaranteed to not harm any of your machines. With our fog fluid, you will be able to create tons of fog across your haunt without harming the environment, your victims, or your fog machines. You will be able to spook your neighborhood for hours with no worries other than soiled pants, quickening heartbeats, and screams of terror.

Fog Scents

The best haunts stimulate as many of the senses as possible. Our fog scents help you do this. Add a sinister touch to your Halloween haunt by adding some of these bizarre fog scents to your fog fluid. When you turn on your fog machines, simply pour a small amount of scent in the fog fluid tank, and you will have your guests not only thinking they are in a hellish nightmare, but smelling it too!

Use our Creepy Crypt fog scent to make your guests feel like they have stumbled into a haunted graveyard. Or you can add our Moldy Morgue fog scent to your decaying body scene - and you are sure to have your guests gagging! 

Snow Machines

So you live in an area that isn't cold but you still want that dead winter scene that will literally bring a chill to someone’s skin. Try our fake snow machines and watch the winter horror scene come to deadly life right before your eyes.

With our snow machines you can adjust the output from light flakes to a heavy blizzard of snow. Add some audio effects like howling wind and some pine tree fog scent, and your guests will think they are at the North Pole.

Theatre Productions, Special Events

For your short-term needs, such as theatre productions or special events, you can also find props fort rent, fog machines here at Halloween FX.

Fog Machines, Fog Fluid, Fog Scents, Dry Ice Fog, CO2

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