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Bodies & Mannequins

Mannequins For Sale 

Fake Bodies & Mannequins for Halloween Decorations

When you are needing a flexible body for all your Halloween props, we have a few different mannequins for sale that will fit your needs. We have cloth dummies, male life sized mannequins, even autopsy quality bodies ready to be carved on. You are going to find that the mannequins for sale that we have are perfect for your Halloween Haunts.

Making that prop amazing is easy when you can use a lifelike prop to begin with, use any one of the mannequins for sale that we have to really give that illusion of a person being tortured, electrocuted, ripped to shreds, or anything else you can possibly think of to freak your visitors out.


Our selections of life sized mannequins can be used for many of your different Halloween props. These mannequins allow you to use your pneumatic and electric props to their fullest potential. You can get these awesome mannequins for sale at just about any Halloween prop store, but you wont get the unbeatable prices you are going to find here at Halloween FX.

Another great thing about our mannequins is that they are really flexible and some are so lifelike you will have to take a third look to know that they fake, and not real people getting tortured and maimed. We have mannequins for every budget as well, so if you have numerous props you need people for, save yourself a lot of dough and use our mannequins instead, they wont complain and you can dress them up however you want.

Cloth Dummy

When you need a life sized person to be in a prop but cant afford to hire a actor, or for that matter find one that is willing to be tortured or shocked, then our cloth dummy is going to be the perfect option for you to still be able to create that menacing prop you had in mind. And for only $39.95 he will work and take abuse for a lot less than his human counter part!

Our life sized cloth dummy can be used in place of any human in all of your Halloween props without the frightful thought of getting sued for inhumane working conditions. Dress up this awesome cloth dummy any way you like and you can even string him up like a hanging corpse, whatever you need our cloth dummy for he will be more than happy to oblige.


Open up your grotesque evil laboratory and have a human autopsy for all to see. We have bodies and mannequins that are so high quality and lifelike they are fit for a real life autopsy and some even have their insides opened up and their guts spilling out just ready for the insidious and insane doctor to start playing in.

No one will be able to look away from the gnarly sight of organs and intestines being ripped out of this body, add some blood and screams from our spooky music soundtracks and you are going to give your guests more than they ever bargained for.