Complete Escape Room - Eat or Be Eaten

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Miami, Florida. The year is 1968.

The last thing you remember is getting on that jet boat to enjoy a trip through the Everglades. You enjoy traveling alone - or at least you did. Waking up covered in blood with a pounding headache was not supposed to be part of your adventure. And who's that guy on the floor? Is he... dead? From the looks of it (aside from your new friend) this meat-packing plant has been abandoned for years. But if it's truly abandoned, what are those horrific noises coming from the other room? "Get up and find a way out of here!" you tell yourself. The clock is ticking...

RATING: PG-13 (with a parent)

Difficulty: Medium
Creepiness: High
Age Range: Teens 13+ and adults
We recommend one Adult/Guardian for groups of kids age 12 and under, due to level of fear & graphic nature.

This room has lots of jump scares like a mini haunted house. It is a very popular room and is one of the few rooms that customers seem to like to replay.

Resetting this room takes between 5-10 minutes.


DIY: $9,600
Do everything yourself and save big money. Includes all of the DIY props, storyline, lighting, build instructions, gameplay, speakers, audio player, custom audio and scent. Does not include any scenic. Does not include any built-out props. You will get the electronics and must build your own props. This kit is for the handy person.

Budget: $24,995
Completely installed for you are the custom built props, set pieces, gameplay, storyline, Reset instructions, lighting, audio, scent. You provide the scenic decor and we provide the rest. For example, if the room needs to look like an airplane, you will make it look like an airplane. Then we come in and install all the props for you.

Turn-Key: $49,890
Includes everything you need for this room. We build all the props and custom build all the scenic decor. Next, we drive to your location and install everything for you. The entire installation takes our team just a few days. You will be up and running in no time.








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