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Burst Steam Pipe Halloween Prop

$995.00 - $2,045.00
Burst Steam Pipe Prop with Fog / Steam Effect Our Burst Steam Pipe prop is a great way to startle guests at your haunted house and add creepy atmosphere? The grungy looking pipe comes faux finished with rust and grime but can be built-to-order to...
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Halloween supplies, props, and decorations for your house, yard, office, school, party, haunt, or fright walk.

Halloween Decorations & Haunted Home Decor

Halloween Decor

No matter which you decide to do – fun and bubbly for the little kids, or shadowy and unworldly for the adults, Halloween décor is essential.

Outdoor Decorations

If you are looking to have a truly sinister haunt then outdoor decorations are a must, to draw the people into your haunted house. Nothing will set the ghoulish feeling better than the right ambiance. Turn up the fog machines to get the low lying ground fog going, click on the mind-altering strobe lights, and turn on the spooky music to start the Halloween fright. And don't forget to add one of our mind blowing visual effects DVDs!

After setting the scene, place some of our giant outdoor decorations in your yard. Try our animated gargoyles with moving wings and demonic glowing red eyes, or our totally disgusting Toxic Jill barrel of death. These outdoor decorations are going to have them terrified even before they enter your wicked maze of a haunted house.

Party Decoration Ideas

With all of the awesome outdoor party decorations, pneumatic props, startle props, foggers, lasers, bubble machines, snow machines, smokers and Halloween decorations we have here at Halloween FX, there is no way you can not come up with your own great party decoration ideas.

But if after surfing our site and seeing all of our slithering, creepy and sinister Halloween decorations, you decide these are just not exactly what you are looking for, then give us a call and we can create a custom prop for you! We will help you create the party of your dreams, from a wintry wonderland to a nightmarish zombie realm with our custom party decoration ideas.

Halloween Decorations

We have the most beastly, wraith-like and realistic Halloween decorations that you are going to be able to find anywhere. In fact, we have over 10,000 Halloween items! Without Halloween decorations, no haunt would be worth attending. We want to make sure that your Haunted house is going to make all who come petrified and quaking in agonizing, body-numbing fright.

All of the Halloween decorations we create and sell are so life-like and realistic, that no one will know that your shaking, spitting skeleton prop is not real. When you add in all of the special effects you can find in our Halloween decorations department, you will be able to drag your victims into a realm of torture and mayhem. They will be screaming in fright and delight, clawing at themselves to get rid of the creepy crawlies, and just dying to get out of your twisted morbid haunts!

Check out all of our spine-tingling décor, and bring your Halloween party out of the underworld and into your yard and home.

We have everything from flying ghosts to fiber optic snaked eyed skulls for your Halloween decor ideas. We know that these little touches can make all the difference.

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