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Arm Lantern Halloween Prop

Arm Lantern Halloween Prop Reaching up from the grave to light the path, the 26 inches tall Arm Holding a lantern is a great way to scare up some fun in your yard or along your walkway, light up your entry way or lead people to your dungeon. Arm Lantern...

Budget Femur

Budget Femur Halloween Prop Roughly life-size femur bone made from hollow plastic. Ideal for prop building or simply as an accent to larger displays. Add them up to a graveyard and it will surely add a new level of scare! Budget Femur Halloween Prop...



Here are scary skeletons, bucky skulls, bones, and body parts. These frightening props add decor, ambience, and scary Halloween effects at great prices for your haunt!

Skeleton Props, Skeletons, Skulls & Bones for Halloween Props & Haunted Houses

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Skeleton Props

Halloween is nothing without a few ghoulish skulls and skeletons. But no one wants to have skeletons that look like they came out of a cereal, box so we've brought you a line of some of the most realistic and frightfully morbid skeletons and skulls available!

Halloween FX has every type of skeleton you need to trick out your haunted house or yard. Our sinister Bucky Skeletons are perfect for adding a little decay and mysticism to your haunt. We have full skeletons in every price range, and our skeletons come aged, gruesome, full-bodied or just parts. We even have some infant and animal skeletons to add to the chilling mix.

Check out our full line of heinous Bucky Skeletons and other spooky anatomically correct skeletons, and you will see there is no better place to find a creepy skeleton that will give the perfect chilling touch to your Halloween decorations.

Human Skeleton

Nothing beats the fear factor of having Human Skeletons hanging around, ready for people to bump into in a darkened fog-filled room. Our skeletons can be hung, propped up, even impaled on stands for the your guests' sinister viewing pleasure.

Our anatomically correct Bucky Human Skeletons are the most realistic skeletons you'll find, without digging up a corpse yourself! You will have an absolute blast dangling all these gruesome Human Skeletons around your Halloween haunt.

These Human Skeletons are also great for anyone who might be into skulls, anatomy, gore, archaeology, and the like. No matter what you use our Human Skeleton for, you are sure to get the stares and frightful screams you are looking for with our awesome Bucky Human Skeletons.

Cheap Skeletons

Not everyone can afford to buy a really expensive skeleton for just one or two Halloween events. Here at Halloween FX, we have not forgotten about those of you on a tight Halloween budget. Our Cheap Skeletons are priced right and still look uncannily like the real thing. We know it takes a chilling skeleton or two to make your Halloween haunt perfectly morbid, and we believe everyone should be able to essemble their ideal haunt, even if they don't want to spend the big bucks.

We have an array of menacing and unsettling Cheap Skeletons that are going to set your Halloween haunt apart from all the rest. Dangle some of aged Bucky Cheap Skeletons around and everyone will suspect you dug the thing up yourself, or at least paid a pretty penny for it, guaranteed!

Fake Skeletons

Every Halloween Party and haunted house needs some Fake Skeletons to make it appealing and authentic. We carry Fake Skeletons in every price range and we have them in all shapes, sizes, and designs - from little key chains, that are great for gift bags at a child's Halloween party, to a chillingly realistic autopsy-quality skeleton, that would bring the perfect touch to an evil and sadistic Halloween Haunt.

We use only the best Fake Skeletons, that rival if not surpass what the big TV shows and movies use. For instance, think about what the the #1 TV show Bones fake skeletons look like, and that will give you an idea of the high-quality standards we are working with. We want to help you have the most gory Halloween possible, or if you are not quite into the blood and guts scene, then we want you to have a fun and playful Halloween; we have just the right Fake Skeletons for both.     

Nothing says Halloween quite like a skeleton.

And our line of "Bucky" skeletons will rival anything you find on or off the internet.

We have different levels of quality for you to choose from. If you need a believeable budget skeleton, or an authentic autopsy quality skeleton halloween props - we have you covered!

Best prices on the internet - guaranteed.


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