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The Webmaster 2000 is a professional spiderweb gun. And, unlike the Web Caster Gun, it is very easy to use and costs pennies to operate.

Simply attach the Webmaster 2000 to any drill (electric or battery powered), fill the reservoir with WebGoo (included), and start spraying spiderwebs - just like Spiderman himself!


If you ever tried one of the "other" spiderweb guns that uses a compressor, you know that the webs are inconsistent, gloopy, expensive and difficult to create.

The Webcaster Gun, for example, requires a compressor, an extension cord, an airline and hot glue sticks. It also has about a 10 minute warm up period before you can start spraying webs. Many of our customers have complained about getting burned from dripping hot glue!

Unlike the their Gun, The Webmaster 2000 does not need a compressor. And with a cordless drill, you don't even need an extension cord.

Made for the home haunter in mind! Now, you can be free to roam your haunt, from room to room, spraying webs wherever they are needed.

The Webmaster 2000 makes webs nearly 100 times faster than the "hot glue" spiderweb gun.

Re-filling the machine takes only seconds, and rubber-cement-based WebGoo is very cheap to purchase versus hot glue sticks.

And, unlike hot glue, WebGoo cleans off nearly any surface with ease.

The Webmaster 2000 comes with a starter bottle of WebGoo to get you making spiderwebs right away.

You will want to buy extra WebGoo. An 8 oz. bottle of WebGoo is usually enough to decorate 5 or 6 large props, a 16 oz. bottle will give you about 90 minutes of spraying time, and a gallon of WebGoo will last a very long time.

WebGoo comes in standard Clear color and Blood Red.

*Now, if after all of the wonderful things we just told you about the Webmaster 2000 Spiderweb Gun, you still want to buy the hot-glue spiderweb maker (Webcaster Gun), we do sell that as well. And we sell it for about 40% off the list price (see below).