Swamp Creeper 1500 Watt Continuous Low Lying Ground Fog Machine- Cosmetic Blemishes

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Swamp Creeper 1500 Watt Continuous Low Lying Ground Fog Machine

If you dream about thick, white blankets of fog gently rolling across the grass, through the woods, and over gravestones & Halloween props...then you need to get this machine.

Made with the same tremendous power of the Powerblast Fogger, this low-lying fogger creates thick, eerie swamp fog.

The huge ice bin will stay cold for hours. Can be used without ice, with regular ice, and with dry ice.

An amazing 1500 watts of incredible power! In less than 2 minutes, this machine can cover the floor of a 2,000 squre foot warehouse up to about 3 feet high with dense ground fog!! DMX compatible.

The Swamp Creeper can fill a football field with low fog! But, the fog rate is adjustable, so you can turn down the output for smaller areas, or inside.

* Swamp Creeper 1500 Watt Continuous Low Lying Ground Fog Machine

With over 20,000 cubic feet of fog produced each minute, your ice-cold fog will linger on the ground, making this the equivalent of over 100,000 CFM when compared to a regular fogger.

One of the greatest things about this machine is the fact that you can spray continuously for more than 3 hours straight without stopping - even on full power!

Because of the awesome power of the Swamp Creeper's heating elements, you never have those annoying "waiting periods" where the fogger is heating back up.

Plugs in to a regular 110 volt outlet.


On/off remote

Swamp Creeper 1500



Timer- Don't worry about leaving your fog machine on at the end of the night!  Set the timer for the length of the show and it will automatically shut off once that time has passed.  

Flight case- protect your fog machine when moving from site to site and storing in-between seasons 



These fog machines are competitors to the $5,000 low ground machines you might see from Germany. Ours machines are sold at a steep discount because they ship from overseas. These machines are Large and Heavy, and can get dented, scratched or bent. These are cosmetic damages only, and do not affect performance. ALSO, please expect some of the screws and bolts to loosen during shipping. If an item arrives to us that is "too dented" or "too scratched", we will not sell it. Please expect a small amount of dents or scratches in these machines. If you need a 100% flawless machine, we can order you one that is shipped in a sturdy flight case. Please call us with any questions at 888-898-7191. Thank you!



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Additional Info

$99.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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