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Our vast array of Animated Electric Halloween Props offer something for every haunter, no matter what theme you wish to explore.


Electric Halloween Props & Animatronics

No one wants to have a dull and boring haunted house. That's why having Electric Props is so important for creating a truly realistic haunt. We carry a huge selection of Electric Props – everything from small, beating hearts to our extra-large animated winged vampire prop, which stands at an amazing 6' 6" tall and hangs upside down! Our Electric Props are so unique, realistic, and full of detail, you could spend hours just staring at them.

These outstanding Electric Props will give you just what you need to make your Halloween haunt a roaring success year after year. And, since they can be reused each year, they virtually pay for themselves after only a few uses. So, log on to our site and shop through our amazingly large selection of Electric Props to find the perfect fit for your spooky Halloween haunt. You will see we have Electric Props in every price range so you will never break your budget!

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Plug and Play Props

If you are looking to employ really simple-to-use props, but still want high-quality looks and functionality, then use our plug and play props to create a great spooky haunt without all the hassle and fuss of piles of cords or coils of airlines.

You don't have to settle for cheap-looking props when you want to use plug and play simplicity. We carry awesome special effects laser light shows, terrifying special effects DVDs, and grizzly animated props, all designed for maximum scarability and minimum stress on your wallet. You won't have to settle for cheapo props and special effects just because they are plug and play!

Windshield Wiper Motor

Do you have a prop you want to make yourself, whose arms need to move back and forth? Try using our Windshield Wiper Motor to help you animate your awesome DIY props. Contrary to popular belief, Windshield Wiper Motors do not just move back and forth - they actually move continuously in one direction, and rely on mechanical linkages to move them back and forth.

This type of Windshield Wiper Motor is known as a gearhead motor. You can get quite a bit of torque out of a single Windshield Wiper Motor; from one 12-volt motor, you can get an amazing 13.5 pounds per square feet of torque on the high speed setting and 17.5 pounds per square feet of torque from the low speed setting. That's a lot of torque from one Windshield Wiper Motor that you can convert and use to animate and power your sinister DIY Halloween props!

Latex Props

We have a huge selection of amazing and crepey props, including some gruesome and not-so-gruesome Latex Props, in our fantastic prop store. If you are into the not so bloody and gory props, then take a look at our classic black cat latex props, snakes, dragons, guardians, or even some of our skulls that are included in our Latex Prop selection.

If gore and guts are more to your liking, then we have plenty of Latex Props to cater to your needs as well. You can find intestines, bloody beating hearts, gruesome half decayed zombies, cut open bodies, even cannibalistic birds, to gross out even your most macho, strong-stomached guests. You can find almost any type of Latex Prop in our prop store - everything you'll need to create that absolutely terrifying haunt brewing in your sinister imagination!