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Triple Hell Hot Shotz Flame Shooter

Triple Hell Hot Shotz Flame Shooter Our Triple Hell Hot Shotz Flame Shooter is an AWESOME accessory for any haunted attraction. When triggered, real bursts of fire shoot 6-10 feet in the air! Cheap to operate: Less than a penny a shot. Not for indoor...
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Flame Thrower


Set your party ablaze with our fabulous Flame Thrower. You will absolutely amaze people with your fire displays. We've got portable Flame Throwers that will fit in the palm of your hand and shoot flames an unbelievable 20 feet. We also got Flame Throwers you can move wherever you want and shoot 12 to 18 foot flames. How about propane flame cannons that shoot 35 feet in the air? And let's not forget our Flame Throwers that shoot out criss-crossing "dancing" fireballs.

We have all your flame throwing needs and then some. You will have no problems firing up your party or Halloween haunt with all these special effects, props, startle props, magic, and flame throwers at your disposal. Your festivities are guaranteed to be a hit with all these sizzling effects!

Propane Cannon

You will have everyone jumping in fright when you set off our Propane Cannons, that shoot real fire straight up in the air, to an amazing 20 to 35 feet high! And since these run on regular propane they are cheap to use and are even cheaper if you rent them from us.

Decorate your yard or neighborhood concert with these outstanding Propane Cannons and you and your guests will see just how amazing fire can really be. Nothing compares to real fire, and you are going to get the best sky high flames when you use our Propane Cannons.

Fake Fire  

When using real fire is out of the question, the next best alternative to light up the night is Fake Fire. Although it isn't quite the real thing, Fake Fire will give your guests that same terrifying fright.

Use our amazing flash Fake Fire to terrorize and excite all your visitors. No one will know that those startling flashes of fire are not real and life threatening, so you are sure to get the same reaction as if you were playing with real fire. Amp up the effect by adding some of our gruesome Burnt Flesh or Electrocution fog scents to the surrounding fog and you will everyone thinking they are going to be the next crispy, charred critter haunting your grounds.

Fire For Effect

You are going to get absolute amazement from all who show up to your Halloween haunted house or party event when you use awesome Fire for Effect. People have been intrigued by fire for centuries, ever since the cavemen figured out how to spark it up.

Now you can easily use Fire for Effect in all your party or Halloween plans, with our vast array of spectacular Flame Throwers, Fake Fire, and Propane Cannons. Using Fire for Effect will have your party, concert, or Halloween bash ranked as the most envied of the year, and you are going to have a blast while you are doing it!