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50-Watt Flashing Strobe Light

Our powerful, yet compact 50-watt Flashing Strobe Light is a great addition to any disorienting haunted hallway, or eerie Halloween maze! This portable, lightweight 50-watt strobe light can be set on a flat surface or affixed to the ceiling for easy...

Lasers, Blacklights & Strobes

Spot Lights, Flood Lights, DJ Lighting, 12 Volt LED Lights, Lighting Controls, Lasers and dim / dark lights to spook your haunt with Halloween effects. Pick a category or browse all products below.

Halloween Lighting, LED Lights & Laser Special Effects

Colored LED Mini Lights for Halloween & Haunted Houses  Blacklights & UV Lighting for Halloween and Haunted Houses Lasers & Laser Effects including Laser Vortex FX and Liquid Sky Lasers  

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DJ Lighting

Being a DJ requires a lot more than just mixing music, a great DJ knows you have to combine just the right combination of eye catching DJ lighting, awesome music and even some fog and lasers to the mix. But if you can combine all the special effects like spot lighting DJ lighting and body thumping music you will have one raving party. But lets face it, not all DJ lighting is the same. There are some companies out there that promise you great lighting and just leave you in the dark. Since we use the most advanced Darklight products for our DJ lighting, you are guaranteed to get the best precision lighting without the huge price tag or all the nightmarish wires hanging around to trip up your guests, leaving you free to turn up the music and enjoy your party too.

12 Volt LED Lights

Standard lighting that uses 110 or 220 volt AC lighting can be unsafe because of shock, but when you use our advanced 12 volt LED lights you will have no worries since they are shock proof and water proof. They are also a lot cooler than your average lighting since they are LED and produce less heat so there are no risks of fire, we know the only fire you want is from some awesome special effects like our Inferno Flame Thrower. The other great thing about using our 12 volt LED lights is that the guests are not be sweating and stinking up the party from the hellish heat that normal lighting puts off. You will have nothing but a cool stress free rave when you use 12 volt LED lights for your DJ lighting.

Lasers For Sale

With our precision lighting and mind altering special effects we have here at Halloween FX, like our bubble machines, flame throwers, fog machines, and lasers for sale you are going to be able to throw one heart pounding rave that will last through the night, no one will want to go home. We have the most advanced professional lasers for sale, you wont find better anywhere else, especially for the rock bottom prices we sell them for. We have all the most technological advanced lasers for sale than even the professionals have, our equipment is made to keep your party alive and keep your guests seeing the most amazing light shows that they have ever seen.

Dim / Dark Lights

If you need light, but not bright light, then you should choose a dim or dark light for great lighting effects. The Ghostlights will have you lighting up your riveting party or highlighting your heinous haunt in no time flat. Since the Ghostlights are so small and easily concealed, you will have no problems putting the spotlight on only what you want people to notice and not on the big bulky lights and horrific wires. If you use a normal bright light, you will wash out your scene by providing too much light. If you use a dar light, then the scene will stay dark. Setting up and breaking down your creepy haunt or killer party wont be a problem either since the Ghostlights can be simply installed with the plug and play feature. The Ghostlights are also some of the most durable lights around, so go ahead and illuminate your outdoor party or haunt as these are rain and snow proof.

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