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Scent Blaster

Empty any of our scent spritzers into this prop and assault your guests with a harmless dry blast of scented air. Choose from sewage, blood, cotton candy, etc. Includes controller and motion sensor. Requires air compressor. After you order, please email...
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Full Startle

Scary Halloween Props


Halloween Haunted houses are never complete without a few startling Halloween props. Here at Halloween FX, we create the most unique and thrilling scary Halloween props around. We even surpass the so-called professionals working in TV and on the bigscreen. We take inspiration from the most gruesome fantasies and horrifying nightmares, and turn them into reality with our Halloween scary props.

We have any and all types of scary Halloween props that your imagination can think of - if you want your props to move we've got you covered with our awesome animated pneumatic props. Like to build them yourself? Check out our DIY scary Halloween props. With these, you can have the satisfaction of getting your hands fully into your haunting creations.

You can find just about any scary Halloween Prop in our prop store, from movie characters, to authentic skeletons, and creaking chairs to chainsaws, electric startle props, air powered props, evil babies, and killer clowns...we have it all, its what we do, our name says it all! So step up your Halloween party or sinister haunt with our scary Halloween Props, and bring the horror to you and your guests - you won't be sorry, we guarantee it!

Halloween Decorations

Another thing you need to boost the effectiveness of your terrifying Halloween haunt is some spooky Halloween decorations. Add some gruesome skulls and skeletons, wacky mirrors, fogging tombstones, bloody beating heart, gnarly body parts, gargoyles, zombies, floating ghosts and more to enhance you evil imaginative designs.

Need some spooky and creepy cloth to give that old haunting appearance, or to even hide the plugs, wires, timers, and our amazing lighting? We have plenty in our Halloween decorations. Finding the perfect Halloween decorations is easy, just take a look at our huge selection, open your imagination and let the ideas come. And if you need some help we will be glad to help you choose the right Halloween decorations for your insidious needs.

Air Raid Siren

Want to add some loud noises to really make your unsuspecting guests jump out their skins? No worries, we've got you covered there too. Our Air Raid Siren will make everyone one is immune to the startling effect of our ear piercing, gut wrenching Air Raid Siren. 

At 115 decibels you are not going to find anything louder - plus, it's only $129.95. You'll have a blast using our Air Raid Siren to startle and scare your visitors. You will have them confused and in a panic trying to find a way out.

Exploding Fusebox

Add that perfect spark to your dimly light, fog filled haunt, with our amazing animatronic Exploding Fusebox. Add one of our Frightimers and this electrifying prop will ensure that all who walk by get a frightful jump start. And don't forget to add one or two of our high voltage signs to really bring home the shivers.

You will not believe how many people will scream in terror from this sizzling, realistic Exploding Fusebox. You'll have all your visitors stumbling around from the loud pops, cracks, and sparks that shoot out of this Exploding Fusebox. But no worries, its perfectly safe! Go ahead and spark up the night, and let the screams come - at the amazing price of $199.95, you are sure be the most petrifying, psychotic haunt around!