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D. Robbins & Company


In effect, the magician shows a can with a lid. The lid is, removed, a lit match is dropped into the can and flames, shoot out. Obviously can is full of some volatile, substance. The can is covered, putting out the fire, and, when the cover is removed, a...

Morris Costumes


Flames magically rise out of the magician's collapsed hat. Watch as the hat is turned upside down, the flame vanishes and a silk handkerchief flutters out. Complete instructions are included. This is the apparatus only, and the Collapsible Top Hat...
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Theatre Effects


A small tablet containing 20 sheets of flash paper. Ignite with any flame or hot object and you have a ball of fire. No ashes! Each sheet is 3 inches by 2 1/4 inches. This item is flammable and not to be used by or sold to minors. ORM-D can only ship UPS...

Theatre Effects


This ingenious electronic device bolts on any standard cymbal stand, even high hat stands. No need for expensive and dangerous gas jetting. Install 2 devices and get tremendous impact from your audience. Requires flash paper, flash cotton and 2 AA...

Theatre Effects


Giant bursts of sparks shower from the palms of your hands. Amazingly there is also the real crackling of electricity, creating an effect that will astound. Units (2 included) have adjustable finger clips and are easy to handle. Includes (2) 3 volt...

Flash & Smoke