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12-Volt Linear Actuator

12-Volt Linear ActuatorEasy to install controller for your mechanized props. Uses 12 volts to extend and contract.Available in stroke lengths of 4", 6", 8" and 12" stroke lengths. Please specify your choice when ordering.
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Scent Blaster

Empty any of our scent spritzers into this prop and assault your guests with a harmless dry blast of scented air. Choose from sewage, blood, cotton candy, etc. Includes controller and motion sensor. Requires air compressor. After you order, please email...
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Startle Props

Startle Props

Startle & Scary Noise Halloween Props

These startling props are great to give a sudden heart dropping fright to anyone. Here at Halloween FX we have the most jolting Startle Props available anywhere. You will have everyone scared senseless in no time. We have the most original and stunning startle props to choose from, so take a look here in our Halloween prop store and be prepared to be amazed and surprised by our gut wrenching, and shriek causing Startle Props.

Welcome to the Startle Props supplies store. Pick one of the startle prop categories below – or scroll through the entire list of prop ideas – for active and noisy Halloween props that startle with movement, sound effects or light. 

Air Powered Startle Props Electric Noise Makers & Startle Props Full Startle Props & Noise

Please choose from the categories above to view Air Powered or Electric Startle Props.

Prop Store

Our Prop Store has it all, every startle prop you need to make sure no one leaves your Halloween haunt with dry pants. With all of the startling props we offer in our prop store you will have no problems making sure no one leaves your Haunt without having swallowed their soon to be non-beating hearts. All of our original startle props, like our air raid sirens, barrel blaster kit, electronic firecrackers, and pants wetter bazookas, are all crafted to ensure you get that alarming terrifying effect that is sure to cause agonizing fright to all. So step into our ghoulish, malicious world we call our prop store and get ready to have some sinister fun choosing just what evil torture you will use on wither your vulnerable or most resilient guests.

Prop Ideas

Here at Halloween FX we have great Prop Ideas that not just anyone can think of. Our ingenious team can think up even the most insidious and nightmarish prop ideas. We use a combination of animated and gruesome props, heart blowing startle props, mind altering sounds, blind flash props and eye distracting techniques, that completely overwhelm and confuse all the senses so that no one is immune to the terror. You will have the best Halloween haunt when you use our prop ideas at your next Halloween party. Check out all the petrifying and unsettling prop ideas we have on our site, and if you still need more sinister prop ideas we are more than ready to help.

How To Prank Someone

Knowing how to prank someone is a most sadistic art form that not everyone can do. We can help you to not only learn this sinister art but surpass even the best. You will have so much fun causing people to freak out that you will want to do it for eternity. When you check out these nail biting electric props in our prop store, you will know how to prank someone in any situation. Take for instance our barrel blaster kit, it is not only good for blasting barrels in the air, but you could also hook it up to your neighbors garbage can then add our fright timer/trigger and some of our bloody organs and you will have a prank like no other. After they get covered in bloody, oozing intestines, they will think more than twice before they throw out their garbage. You could even add some freakish sound effects if you wanted, like a cats screech or some rattling noises as they are walking up. If you don’t see it here, contact us and we can make custom props for you.

Also try browsing our Full Startle Props and Electric Firecrackers, too!