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These human skull props are the creepiest part of a skeleton. Surprise your guests with these skulls for scary Halloween effects.



While skeletons are a useful touch to any haunted occasion, skulls are really where the action is. Set the eerie ambiance of a haunted graveyard, deserted crypt, or death trap with our amazing Halloween skulls. Be it human skulls or animal, these babies add a touch of terror and authenticity to any haunted house and will help keep the spook-meter soaring throughout the Halloween season.

But our skulls can be used for more than just Halloween. Place a skull on your bookshelf to add a Shakespearean touch, or use them in the classroom to help teach anatomy. Whatever your purpose, our awesome and super realistic-looking skulls will help you achieve your goal. Set one of our perfectly morbid, aged, or glowing skulls anywhere, and you've got yourself one hellishly fun prop!

Human Skulls For Sale

If you are looking for the tried and true classic, then you must check out all of our authentic Human Skulls for Sale. We carry all the skulls you'll need for your twisted Halloween decoration plans. We here at Halloween FX have the most amazing Human Skulls for Sale anywhere.

We know you are going to love using some of the Human Skulls for Sale we have in your Halloween haunt! We carry them in a wide range of prices, shapes and designs. We have autopsy-ready skulls, aged and decayed skulls that look like they were just dug up from the grave, and even some cheap skulls made of plastic. With our selection of Human Skulls for Sale, you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for you in no time.

Plastic Skulls

Dreaming of that sinister haunt but don't have a pirate's booty to pay for it? Then our Plastic Skulls will have you busting out the rum in celebration from all the loot your gonna save! Our Plastic Skulls may be cheap in price, but they are hauntingly realistic, and quite durable.

We also carry small party-favor-sized Plastic Skeletons, more upbeat festive occasions. We know Halloween is great for the little ones too, but how can we throw our nightmarish parties if they are up having nightmares themselves. Check out the whole freaky collection of Plastic Skulls and be prepared for a wickedly fun time!

Bucky Skulls

Yes, we have the awesome Bucky skulls here too! These are great for any Halloween haunt, and some even have the removable jawbones, teeth, and calvarium. The best part about these Bucky Skulls is that you are going to get them for a steal!

Our life-sized Bucky Skulls will make your Halloween a success no matter what style of haunt you set up. Our prop store carries Bucky Skulls ranging from evil and morbid, to professional and clinical, for all your Halloween decorating needs.