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Electric Firecrackers

Startle Props

Startling Props, Electronic Noisemakers, Electric Firecrackers, and Frightening Noises for your haunt!


The blood rushes to your face, and your heart pounds in your ears. Startle Props are an excellent way to scare the bejesus out of people. Here at Halloween FX, we have the most insane Startle Props available anywhere. You will have everyone scared senseless in no time.

We carry an incredible and stunning array of startle props, so take a look in our Prop Store, and be prepared for our gut-wrenching, shriek-inducing Startle Props.

Prop Store

Every Startle Prop you need to make sure no one leaves your haunt with dry pants is available in our Prop Store. With all of the different Startle Props we offer in our Prop Store, you will surely find one that fits your theme.

All of our original Startle Props - like our hand cranked Air Raid Sirens, Barrel Blaster Kit, Electronic Firecrackers, and Pants Wetter Bazookas (boomstick) - are crafted to ensure you get that alarming, terrifying effect you are seeking. So enter our Prop Store and get ready to have some sinister fun, choosing the evil torture devices you will use on your vulnerable guests.

Prop Ideas

Here at Halloween FX, we have some terrific Prop Ideas, from scary to downright bizarre. Our ingenious team will help you create almost any insidious and nightmarish Halloween props you can think of. We use a combination of animated gruesome props, heart-stopping startle props, mind-altering sounds, and eye-distracting techniques that completely overwhelm and confuse the one is immune from reacting to our cool and crazy prop ideas.

A great Prop idea we've created is our Short Circuit Fusebox. It uses our flash cracker Electronic Firecrackers and looks and sounds like an authentic sparking electrical panel! Another great Prop Idea we've come up with is using one of our step mats to trigger an Air Blaster Horn. Or, try using a simple motor to rotate a decapitated head in a closet - how's that for a terrifying yet ingenious Prop Idea?

How To Prank Someone

We can help you not only learn the sinister art of pranking, but teach you how to surpass even the best, most stealthy pranksters out there! You will have so much fun causing people to freak out that you will won't be able to stop!

When you check out the nail-biting Electric Props we have in our Prop Store, you will see how easy it is to prank someone in any situation. For instance, take our Lid Opener Kit and install it in your neighbor’s garbage can. Add a bloody head and some fake intestines to the underside of the lid and hook it up to our wireless motion sensor Frightimer. Once they've been thoroughly terrified, covered in blood and oozing intestines, they'll think twice before letting their pets pee in your yard!