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Bones & Parts

Bones & Parts

These bones, body parts. animal fragments, and Halloween prop supplies will give you haunt even more scary Halloween effects.


Human Bone

When you want to really break out the scare factor then pick up some of our awesome human bone parts and you will be able to kick up your Halloween haunt with the best zombie or psycho scene ever.

Nothing says Halloween better than human bones, skeletons, and skulls. They can spook up a Halloween party theme with hardly any effort at all, just place them next to a few of our larger pneumatic or animated props along with a little blood and you have a amazing gruesome haunt.

We have all the human bones you are going to need, legs, arms, hands, feet, and even some torsos for all your Halloween fun. We have so many you might even have enough left over to throw your dog a bone so he can get in on the Halloween excitement too.

Dog Skeleton

Speaking of the dog and his bone, just watch out you don't freak him out when you put out our ghoulish dog skeleton, it is so realistic it will scare the fur right off his back. There is not much that says sadistic and horrifying more than seeing a few dog skeletons laying around a graveyard or murder scene.

Really set the stage for a hellish demon realm by letting loose our giant snarling and growling 3 headed devil dog who is stalking through a graveyard of human bones and a few of our dog skeletons, showing people that he cares not if he devours human or dogs alike. If you got the lights turned down, or better yet a mind confusing strobe light in the dark and some smoky sight altering fog, people are sure to not wander in the off limits area where this deadly beast guards.

Halloween Prop Supplies

Having a great Halloween haunt requires you to be able to find the right Halloween prop supplies to really make it creepy and effective. Finding those can be a chore that you would walk through fire not to have to go through, unless you find a site like ours here at Halloween FX where all of our Halloween prop supplies are unique and full of mind blowing special effects.

We turn the ordinary boring props into the extraordinary. We love Halloween and we want you to love it too, so we bring you Halloween prop supplies that the professionals use, so you will have all the gory and gut wrenching effects they get when they put out that mega hit movie or TV show.