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Fog Fluids

Professional Fog Fluids

Not all fog fluids are created equally. There are many options to consider when making fog fluid. There are lots of "shortcuts" you could take to save money - like using non-pharmaceutical grade chemicals, using impure ingredients, watering down your fluid, etc.

Unfortunately, these shortcuts create a fog fluid that just doesn't produce the nice, thick fog you want your fluid to produce. Additionally, using unsafe chemicals can create airborne particulants, which could cause respiratory irritation, and can lead to clogged or even broken machines.

Luckily, we here at Halloween FX Props make only top of the line fluids.

  • 100% Pharmaceutical grade chemicals.
  • Water based (not oil based) fog fluids are safer and leave virtually no residue if used indoors.
  • Formulated to produce more fog than cheaper counterparts.
  • Guaranteed to help keep your machine operating at 100% efficiency and reduce clogging.

All of our fluids are GUARANTEED to work beautifully, or your money back. If you are not satisfied, simply send it back to us for a complete refund.

Try our fluids and see the difference for yourself. Many customers tell us that they get more fog from one bottle of our fluid than 3 bottles of the cheap fluid from a department store!


Fog Juice

You do not have to spend a lot of money to get extremely high quality fog juice to use in your professional fogger. When you use our fog juice, you will see that it is three times better than the cheap stuff that you would find at a department store. Our fog juices produce amazing amounts of thick dense fog, that matches even the highest rated professional fog juice like the famous Froggy Juice (TM) that you've heard about.

We have all the fog juice you are going to need to work your different types of machines. If you are looking for low lying ground fog, than our Creeping Zombie fog juice is going to give you some of the best rolling dense ground fog you have ever seen, even surpassing the fog effects you've seen in the movies.

Looking for an awesome hazy effect? Then use our Haze fog juice and create that mystical effect you are dying to get. Use our Apocalypse long lasting fog juice to fill the air with such thick fog, you won't be able to see what's right in front of you. Plus, this fog juice lasts for a remarkable 2 1/2 hours and does not lose density the whole time!

If you just can't decide on which fog juice to pick, or have multiple machines that you do not want to have to purchase separate fog juices for, then our universal fog juice, Bog Water, will give you great medium density fog, that lasts for about an hour, and can be used in any of your fog machines.

Froggy's Fog Juice (TM)

Some say that Froggy's Fog Juice (TM) is one of the top 3 fog fluids on the market. We agree that Froggy's Fog (TM) is in the top 3. Our special blend of fog juices is comparable to Froggy's Fog (TM), and it is a lot cheaper.

Don't worry about going broke trying to buy a name brand fog juice. Pick up some of ours, save a pile of money, and still produce an unbelievable amount of thick, dense, long lasting fog for your Halloween haunt or party night.

Scented Fog Fluid

So you really want the most awesome fog around? Then you've got to check out our unique and amazing scented fog fluid. We have over 50 scents to choose from, so we guarantee you'll find one to match whatever mood you are trying to set. Our scented fog fluids are also super simple to use; just add 1 ounce of scented fog fluid to one gallon of fog juice and you are set to have not only the heavy fog you want, but also the smell of your desired Halloween party theme.

We here at Halloween FX have scented fog fluids that are sweet, like Candy Corn, Butterscotch, and Cotton Candy, Carnival, Buttered Popcorn, and Black Cherry, spooky, like Asylum, Haunted Mansion, and Gothic Circus, Dead Zombies, Creepy Crypt, and Burnt Flesh, and just plain disgusting, like Baby Diaper, Fishing Pier, and Vomit scented fog fluids. Is there a particular fog scent you are looking for that we don't have? No problem, we make custom scented fog fluids as well.

We also carry Fog Scent Eliminator, to use in between scents, or on your last fog session of the night. Our Fog Scent Eliminator helps neutralize the smell of other scented fog fluids put through your fog machine, and also alleviates the slightly-sweet smell characteristic of most fog juices on their own.

Water-Based Fog Fluid

Since both of our fog juices and fog scents are water-based fluids, you can rest easy knowing these will not clog your fog machines, and are completely safe for you, your guests, animals, and even the environment.

Once our water-based fog fluid has been run through your fog machine, it will simply disappear into thin air, without you having to lift a finger. Plus, we carry cleaner for your fog machines, that is a water-based as well, just to make sure your fog machine is in perfect working condition for your next Halloween bash or party.