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Creepy Cloth

Creepy Cloth

Creepy, spooky, camo or strange? Find your Halloween cloth here for your haunt or homemade Halloween costumes.


Halloween Cloth

Halloween is all about dressing up and creating spooky haunts that bring nightmares to life. Adding Halloween cloth to your haunted houses and costumes will add that special decayed look to all your decorations.

Creepy Cloth

Want your haunt to look like it has been abandoned and lifeless for a decade? Our gray colored creepy cloth will have your Halloween haunt looking old and musty in no time. We sell it in sets of 8 pieces that you can drape from all sorts of horrifying things. Our creepy cloth looks like it has been gnawed on by hungry little bugs for years, and it will have your skin crawling just imaging all the creatures living in it.

Creepy cloth will make a whole room look and feel dusty and abandoned. Hang some of our creepy cloth on a giant animated spider and you will have anyone ready to bolt with a quickness.

Halloween Decor

Having the perfect Halloween decor can be the difference between your haunt being terrifying or just blah. And since no one wants their haunted house to fall flat, choose your Halloween decor with care for what type of sinister effect you want your guests to feel.

Perfecting your Halloween decor is easy with Halloween cloth. You can bring your nightmarish to life by simply placing our creepy cloth here and there throughout your Halloween Decor.

Spooky Cloth

When you place our Spooky cloth in your haunt, you are going to give your guests that chilling, hair-raising feeling that makes your spine tingle. They will feel that something is lurking nearby, ready to make them human prey.

We have all types of spooky cloth to choose from, our freaky distressed gauze is 84 feet long and will give any of your Halloween props a dreary haunted feel. Spooky cloth netting will give you the ability to hang all sorts of props from it just waiting to drop on your unsuspecting victims. Or use it like seaweed or slime to bring your pirate look some evil aura.

We even have creepy, spooky cloth that already contains spiderwebs throughout. As people pass underneath, they will feel those whispery webs clinging to their face and arms. Whether there are critters in it, or not, they will be frantic to get them off.

Camo Cloth

A great piece of décor is Camo cloth. It can be used for all sorts of Halloween decor, store displays, and enhancing your wicked costumes. It comes in several spooky colors, and since it is waterproof and fire resistant, it is perfect for your outside haunts.

Using Halloween cloth around your demonic, animated pneumatic props will help to disguise any wires or plugs you are using to bring your supernatural props to life. This gives your haunt that added realism that is needed to bring terror to your visitors. Since our camo cloth is also mildew resistant you can use it as a door covering too.

Decorate with this camouflage cloth, crank up the fog, put on the buzzing flies cd, place a chainsaw with our bloody butcher intestines over it, and have people running to escape your house of murder and mayhem