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Garbage Fog Scent

Unleash your senses with Triple-Threat Garbage Scent—a daring fusion of  musty allure, fries crispy charm, and the pungent rotten tomato tango. This unique scent defies convention, offering a bold, unconventional aroma adventure. Add this fog...
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Special Effects

Special FX

Give your Halloween party, frightwalk, or haunted house some great special effects. Pick a category or browse all products below.

Special Effects, Confetti, Flash, Magic & Fire FX 


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Browse our selection of Special Effects like Flamethrowers, Halloween Music, Halloween Contact Lenses and Confetti machines using the icons above.

Everything goes better with Special FX — especially parties and Halloween haunts. We sell all types of Special FX that you can use to bring your haunted house to sinister life.

With our Special FX creations, you can build haunts just like the professionals do. Your imagination is the key to having the most incredible haunt around. With FX ranging from lasers and fog to a thrilling 3-D animated door prop that actually looks like a deranged Axe Murderer is trying to get through. Complete with dents from his axe appearing in a solid steel door!

Halloween Effects 

Let Halloween FX help make your party the wildest and most talked about bash with the most impressive Halloween effects you have ever seen!    

Special Effects 

We take great pride in all of the horrific special effects that we create and sell. We guarantee you will love them all, or your money back. We strive to bring you the most realistic and up-to-date special effects and props that Hollywood uses, and then some!

We know it takes a lot of work to set up a chilling haunt that will draw your guests into the hellish world you have created. We help by making sure all of our terrifying props and special effects are so real, and demonic, that you will not have to do anything but plug them in.

We have all the skin crawling professional special effects you are going to need to have the most hellish haunt. Our animated pneumatic props, spooky music, fog machines, haunting lighting, masks and make up, costumes, and Halloween projection effects will have everyone screaming.

Halloween Projection Effects 

Want the special effects that even the large theme parks have? How about making your walls drip blood, or your roof burst into flames? When you use our Halloween Projection Effect DVD’s, we bring the terror to life in high definition.

How about having maggots crawling around the bathtub? Perhaps creepy pictures on the wall with eyes that follow you? Or how about giving the illusion of zombies ripping through your drywall from outside?

With only a DVD player and a TV or a projector, you can have these special effects for as low as $40.00 per DVD. A projector with at least 2,000 lumens of brightness will provide the best quality for your unworldly Halloween Projection Effects.

So, bring on the butcher! With our Halloween Projections Effects, these DVDs have all the blood and screams you need — axe killers, creepy crawlies, ghosts, paranormal portraits, pirates, and even the spine chilling nurse escape.

Party Themes 

All of our special effects are great for your Halloween party themes, but they can be transformed to fit other party themes as well. Our fog machines and lasers are great for concerts, weddings and parties. Our snow machines and bubble makers create the perfect rave or birthday party theme.

Our Hot Shotz flame machine makes real bursts of fire! Our flash paper creates incredible bursts of fire – right in your hand. Give our special effects a try and you will see that many can be used for more than just Halloween.

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