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Zombie Drop Mech

Zombie Drop Mech   This awesome dropping mechanism allows you to drop a hungry, undead fiend on your unsuspecting guests! The prop will immediately re-set itself for the next victim. Designed to fit over a standard haunted house wall or simply...
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12-Volt Linear Actuator

12-Volt Linear ActuatorEasy to install controller for your mechanized props. Uses 12 volts to extend and contract.Available in stroke lengths of 4", 6", 8" and 12" stroke lengths. Please specify your choice when ordering.
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Mini Air Blaster

Mini Air Blaster A halloween prank wouldn't be complete without the Mini Air Blaster. Don't let the size fool you! This compact air cannon can be mounted in small spaces, yet emits a loud and surprising blast of air. A sure-fire way to get...
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Regular Pop-Up Mechanism

$299.95 - $389.85
Prop Pop-up Mech - Pneumatic Halloween Props This incredible Pop-Up Mech works great at startling your guests. There are many different uses for this pop-up mechanism. Some favorites include attaching a skeleton or zombie to it, and having the mech...
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Gravestone Pop-Up Lunger Mech

$299.95 - $389.85
Gravestone Pop-Up Lunger Pneumatic Halloween Mech This incredible Gravestone Pop-Up Lunger Mech allows you to make a skeleton, zombie or creature "pop up" from behind a headstone or wall. Now, that's a great idea waiting to be unleashed! Just imagine...
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Spider Drop Mechanism

$259.95 - $349.85
Spider Drop - Pneumatic Halloween Prop This awesome dropping mechanism allows you to drop a spider, head, mask, snake - or any creepy thing you can imagine - on your unsuspecting guests! The prop will immediately re-set itself for the next victim...
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Air Powered

Air Powered Props

These air-powered props use pneumatic, animatronic qualities to bring motion your Halloween effects.


We have a huge selection of air-powered props for your Halloween spooking pleasure. When you use air powered props at your haunt or party you will have a great time startling everyone around you every single time. We have any air powered prop you can think of to put in your Halloween haunted house or big event like Fourth of July party. Our assortment of air powered props are so diverse you can't help but find the perfect prop for your needs. If you are looking for some really loud and startling air props than you can go for our giant and powerful air cannon, or if you want something a little more creepy try one of our favorite air powered props the dangling Boney hangman that kicks and arches while he struggles to breath until he becomes a lifeless corpse.

Pneumatic Halloween Props

Using our awesome pneumatic Halloween props could be the difference between you having an absolutely great haunt and just a run of the mill boring haunt that no one wants to go to. Our pneumatic props bring animation and surprise to your fun and scary haunt that normal static props just can't do. Take a look at all of our amazing pneumatic props and add a few to your haunt to bring the dead back to supernatural undead life. You will be utterly amazed at the compliments and word of fang filled mouth you will get this Halloween!

Halloween Air Compressors

Our air powered props do require you to use a Halloween air compressor to operate, but they come in all sizes from the large like our air cannon to small air cylinders that power our pneumatic and air powered props. We have all the Halloween air compressors you are going to need to power any of our fantastic props. Unless you decide to DIY your Halloween props, our air powered props come with their own Halloween air compressors so you have no need to go out and buy an expensive air compressor. We also have air cylinders and Halloween air compressors that we sell for all of you who like to take a more hands on approach and build your own spooky props.

Animated Air Props

If you want your Halloween haunted house to be really spectacular than you just have to add in some of animated air props to really amp up the startle effect and make your guests run and scream in fright. Our killer selection of animated air props is literally going to blow your mind! We have everything from dropping spiders, surprise popping toilet seats, upside down hanging blood sucking vampires that drop down to devour you, to realistic jaw smacking attacking alligators. No matter what your Halloween scare pleasures are we have an amazing array of animated air props to satisfy you.