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Blood Sprayer Pneumatic Spitter Mech

Easily spray fake blood, water, fake urine, milk or any other liquid! Simply attach to your compressor and insert the dip-tube in the liquid. Includes all tubing, solenoids and fittings. Solenoid is available with 12-Volt, 24-Volt, or 110-Volt Flying...
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Coffin Bouncer DIY Pneumatic Kit

Coffin Bouncer DIY Halloween Prop Building Kit Build your own coffin with pine 1x4 wood. Install this kit and this coffin will blow your guests away! The large cylinder mounts by the feet and bounces the coffin off the ground. The other cylinder...
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Coffin Ride Kit DIY

Make your own coffin ride with these parts. Haunts generally charge between $5-$10 per 2-minute ride. It is a great way to add revenue to your haunt and provide fun for your guests! BRAND NEW everything this year! Includes 8-channel controller with all...
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Crazy Clown Kicker Mech

Crazy Clown Kicker Mech This deluxe hangman can be used in a variety of ways. With 4 air cylinders, he has independent movement of each leg, hips and head. This provides a very realistic thrashing motion. Crazy Clown Kicker Mech Hang a noose on him...
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Door Panel Drop DIY Pneumatic Kit

Cut a hole in a wall or old door, install this kit and scare the daylights out of your guests. Wooden or metal panel will stay upright until triggered. Then, it will slam down quickly exposing either a creature or actor. Includes all mounting brackets,...
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Prop Making Supplies

Prop Making Supplies

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