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Prop Controllers

Props Controllers

Houdini is the Best Cheap Prop Controller

Timing is everything! You know who said that? We did, actually. Just now. We sell AWESOME triggers and timers to make sure your props go off at exactly the right time.

Frightimer - Simple on/off motion sensor trigger & timer combined to activate props for 8+ seconds and then resets itself.(Includes motion sensor).

The Houdini Budget Prop Controller - With 2 outputs, and up to 2 minutes of programmable animation time, our Houdini is hands down the highest quality, most affordable prop controller on the market! And don't miss the ALL-NEW Houdini Max 8-Channel Prop Controller!

Maestro - medium complexity programmable sequences available. You will need a trigger to set it off (PIR motion sensor, step mat, or push button).