The Houdini Budget Prop Controller

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The Houdini Budget Prop Controller

(Download the Houdini Budget Prop Controller manual)

This amazing prop controller does everything you want, for an incredible price

With 2 outputs, you can control two separate solenoids, or even 2 separate props! 

Up to 4 minutes of animation.

A Cheap Prop Controller That's Easy To Use!!

See why The Houdini is the best prop controller on the market, hands down!


Unlike other controllers on the market, The Houdini has many safety device features built right into the controller. For example, the controller has short circuit override to protect you and your controller.

It also "knows" when you wire it incorrectly, and won't allow you, your controller, or your prop to be harmed!


Easy to record, and re-record programs. The Houdini also has incredibly fast button sensitivity - you can program a strobe sequence on a light!


Our Houdini Budget Prop Controller is much cheaper than the next comparable 2-output controller on the market.


Attach a step-mat, push button trigger, wireless trigger, or PIR motion sensor trigger. 

The Houdini can also run continous programs.


With all of the safety features and high quality components, your Houdini Budget Prop Controller will last for years and years!


Reviews (3)

Clarksville Zombie Hunters, LLC 16th Oct 2017

Best bang for the buck, impeccable customer service

The Houdini is amazing value for the money and can't be beaten. To boot, the customer service is spectacular. While you're unlikely to have issues due to its simplicity, if you do, they're there to help. We've bought several and will keep coming back.

Nate 1st Nov 2016

Easiest Controller to use!

Dont let the price scare you. If you want a controller that is easy to setup and to program THIS IS FOR YOU! Took me 10min tops to read the manual, hookup, and program.

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