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Regular Pop-Up Mechanism

$259.95 - $349.85
Prop Pop-up Mech - Pneumatic Halloween Props This incredible Pop-Up Mech works great at startling your guests. There are many different uses for this pop-up mechanism. Some favorites include attaching a skeleton or zombie to it, and having the mech...
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Gravestone Pop-Up Lunger Mech

$229.95 - $319.85
Gravestone Pop-Up Lunger Pneumatic Halloween Mech This incredible Gravestone Pop-Up Lunger Mech allows you to make a skeleton, zombie or creature "pop up" from behind a headstone or wall. Now, that's a great idea waiting to be unleashed! Just imagine...
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Custom Built

Custom Halloween Props

Our insanely talented and creative staff loves Halloween and all that it entails, especially making amazing and horrific custom props. Whether you need a creature that lurks in a deadly sea of toxic waste or an eerie haunted ghost ship sailing the high seas with their decaying cursed crew on board, our fantastic team will do what it takes to bring your nightmarish imagings to sinister life, and have a blast dong it!

We can create anything your imagination might conjure up, probably for less than you expected! Please browse through some of our Custom Animated Halloween Props below.

Want a flesh gnawing growling beast with multiple heads to go in your hell realm? We got the perfect one or we will make one to fit your needs no problem. We have hideous suspended skeletons that are dripping flesh and blood, think Hellraiser only more extreme. We got “acid” spitting creatures, chained and thrashing psycho killers, weird creepy guys coming out of trashcans to heckle you. Or if torture is more to your liking then check out our thrashing tortured body that can be chained up or laid out for your terrified guests to see and imagine the sickening things you have done to it. No matter what you want, if you can imagine it, we have either already made it, we can or will create it just for you.

So come into our world and enjoy the ride, when you get a load of the sinister creations that resides in our minds, you will know you are not alone in your insanity. We will help you to create the hell realm of your choice with all the demented creatures and custom props that you will need this Halloween.