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Signs & Art

Signs & Art

Halloween signs and Halloween artwork add spooky Halloween effects to your haunt.

Scary Signs & Creepy Halloween Art

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Halloween Signs

If you are a Halloweener who likes to be completely authentic, then you must add some Halloween signs in the mix. Halloween signs, art, and props add just the right terrifying touch to any of your thrilling decorating plans.

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Spooky Signs

You can find a lot of Spooky signs in all shapes and sizes, with all types of sayings, but the best are the signs that look authentic and aged. Your guest must believe they are actually walking into a zombie infested danger zone, quarantine zone or in a toxic waste area!

Sinister Signs

Sinister signs are great if you want to bring a terrifying chill to all who read them. There is nothing more fun than to scaring trick or treaters with signs and props threatening to bring unspeakable harm to them.

With our sinister signs and props you are sure to have everyone running from your yard screaming! Place some sinister signs around your haunt and add some realism to your frightful yard scene.

Scary Signs

When you place scary signs around your house or haunted house, they will make your guest’s skin crawl. You can use scary signs as subliminal messages that will make people believe they are really in a high voltage area, or a dangerous factory. Hook up some strobe lights, add one of our Halloween soundtracks, and people will freak!

You can use all types of scary signs to do this, zombie zones if you are going to have zombies, especially ones that move around! Another great scare is to use a scary sign that says infectious waste. Simply hook up a fog machine with some green strobe lights and everyone will think they are in some type of poisonous gas! 

Old Signs

If you want to get the best effect, use an authentic looking, distressed and aged sign. (No one is going to believe they are stepping into a haunted mine if the sign is all clean and new). Although our signs are sturdy and new, they have been professionally distressed to look like beat up old signs.

No matter where you hang these "new" beat up old signs, you are sure to get the frightening effect you are looking for, especially when you use them with other spine chilling props.

Indoor and Outdoor

We have both thick and sturdy Halloween signs that can be nailed to posts and other props or vinyl ones that can be stuck to any surface. Both are waterproof, and can be used indoors and out.

So whether you just want to decorate your house, or you are doing a haunted house for the neighborhood, our haunted signs will add that perfect touch of gore and thrill. We guarantee you will be pleased!

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