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36" Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider 36 inches Spiders gives everyone the creeps no matter what size they are, imagine what more a huge Black Widow Spider can do! You will reap screams of terror as your guests encounter this scary creature in your abode. It has sinister...

Alien Prop

UFO Alien, sculpted by Jordu Schell for the Travel Channel's Making Monsters show. Now you can own a copy of the gorgeous creation. Measures 68 inches tall, 16 wide. Foam filled latex prop.

Arm Lantern Halloween Prop

Arm Lantern Halloween Prop Reaching up from the grave to light the path, the 26 inches tall Arm Holding a lantern is a great way to scare up some fun in your yard or along your walkway, light up your entry way or lead people to your dungeon. Arm Lantern...



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