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Halloween Soundtracks

Spooky Music


Spooky music sets the mood and helps bring the creepy factor to your haunted house. Spooky music comes in all types of sinister sounds that allow you to draw your victims into thinking they are in a world of slaughter and mayhem. All you have to do is match the right spooky music to the right chilling scene, and you have them ready to go on a heart-pounding, terror-filled night of your design.

Halloween Music

Our Halloween music is designed to give the creepy, skin-crawling feeling that matches the scene you have created for your guests. Since the spooky music soundtracks are only $15.95 you can buy several Halloween music tracks to fit each of your chilling scenes you have so cleverly created.

In fact, try out all 23 spine tingling CD’s of our Halloween music and you will see just how frightfully effective these sinister sounds really are! You can use Halloween music alone to set a scene, or pair the music with different animatronic props to create the most authentic and terrifying experience to all who enter.

Scary Sounds

Scary sounds and sinister spooky music are all about creating ambiance. Ambiance adds flair and drama to your Halloween scenes that could otherwise be boring.

Some of the best scary sounds are just everyday noises like water dripping, thunder, or even crickets chirping at night. These normal sounds can turn your haunt into more than just a haunted house or yard, they can convince your guests that everything is real.

Halloween Sounds

Using Halloween sounds and spooky music to enhance your gory props and scenes is simple. Just hook up a stereo with hidden speakers and play the appropriate music for each section of your haunted house. Set the CD to repeat – and don’t worry about your guests noticing the repeat – most tracks are nearly an hour long! Compare that to the 2-minute sequences other people are selling.

You can also load the CD into your computer and save it as an MP3 file to use on an ipod!

Try to use Halloween sounds and spooky music for all your props and haunted scenes. For example, you can use the swamp CD with some low-lying fog created from our Swamp Creeper fog machine, and set the scene for a chilling stroll through a haunted swamp.

Or as guests approach your house, have our Evil Whispers or Evil Wind Halloween CD’s start the creepy feelings before they even set foot in your maze of horrors.

Halloween Soundtracks

Halloween soundtracks and spooky music can be just the thing to make your haunted house the talk of the town. When you combine animated props, smoke, fog, and spooky music from our large selection of chilling Halloween soundtracks you can create a masterpiece.

Haunted House Music 

Some people expect Haunted house music to be cheesy (Think haunts from the 1950’). But with our realistic animatronic props, professional costumes, amazing lighting, fog machines, and studio quality spooky music - you can create professional scenes like they just came off a movie set.

Our Haunted house music is as far from cheesy as you can get. We take all the classic, creepy and normal sounds and twist them to give you a chilling effect unlike any other around. 

We guarantee you will use our sinister haunted house music every year to terrify your victims. These are sure to make your haunt chilling, leaving everyone with a new and better appreciation for haunted houses and spooky music. Happy Haunting!!