Ghostlight Home Haunt Package

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This $700 value lighting package includes everything you need to light a yard, or up to 6 rooms in your haunted venue!

The Home Haunt Package includes:

  • 2 Dimmers
  • 3 Budget Flicker Controllers
  • 3 On/Off Switches
  • 3 Ghostlight Maxes
  • 8 Ghostlight Minis
  • 12 Ghostlight Micros
  • 6 Power Supplies
  • 4 4-Way Splitters
  • 4 2-Way Splitters
  • 8 5' Extensions
  • 4 12' Foot Extensions
  • 20 Mounting Brackets

An assortment of Red, Blue, Green, Amber, and White will be shipped unless you email us right after ordering telling us differently.


Reviews (2)

Rodney Payne 10th Aug 2015

Great value

While I have not used these in my haunt yet, I have tested the lights, dimmers etc. The lights look great and are easy to use.

Andrew Alexander 27th Jul 2015

Excellent value!

So far I am extremely satisfied with the performance of the Home Haunt Pack! All of the lights are bright and have a very nice throw. The included dimmers, budget flickers, extensions etc. work as they are supposed to. Customer service has been excellent! If you are looking for performance at an exceptional value look no further!

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