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Scent Blaster

Empty any of our scent spritzers into this prop and assault your guests with a harmless dry blast of scented air. Choose from sewage, blood, cotton candy, etc. Includes controller and motion sensor. Requires air compressor. After you order, please email...
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Fake Body Parts

Fake Body Part Props

Gory body parts. Severed heads, limbs, bloody organs for scary Halloween effects.

Body Part Props for your Haunted House or Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to have fun and break out all the bloody fake body parts. You can get all the different fake body parts you need like arms, legs, hands, feet, torsos, severed heads, and you can even find them showcased in jars here on our site. We make sure that all the fake body parts you get from us are extremely realistic and look like they were just chopped off of the victim. These awesome fake body parts are going to make your spooky haunt the hit of the neighborhood. It’s easy to set up the perfect zombie, serial killer, or even mad scientist scene with these gruesome fake body parts.

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Severed Heads

Halloween is all about having fun, decorating, dressing up, and getting a few good scares out of people. It is the best holiday to just let loose. Some people really like to bring on the gore, since otherwise, unless you are doing movies or you are a morgue attendant, when else are you going to get to play with severed heads, blood, and ghoulish monsters? You are going to love our large selection of severed heads, we have some to fit all your Halloween needs. If you are looking to have some real gore in your spooky haunt, then we have the best severed heads to add that chilling touch to your decoration plans. We have really realistic ones that are sure to get that wanted scream, and we even have some for the romantics out there like our bride and groom severed heads, they are a perfect match for each other in their bodiless state of bliss.

Cut Off Head

When you want your sinister scene to really hit that terrifying spot then you must have a prop with a cut off head to really let everyone know that they are being taken to a really killer world of mayhem and fright. Everyone will be afraid that his or her cut off head will be the next one displayed for the world to see. One of the ways to use a gruesome cut off head is to proudly display them on a few sharpened stakes. Place a few of these cut off heads throughout your trees in your yard or lining the walk way and warn everyone just what horrors await them inside.

Halloween Heads

Not all severed Halloween heads have to be gory and gross though, you can place a few around in a pirate scene, or even dress them up where they are not as scary so you can use them at a party for the younger crowd. Just because these Halloween heads are removed from their bodies does not mean they cannot be used in a fun way too. You can use our amazing Halloween heads for all your decorating ideas. These are a great way to announce to everyone that Halloween is here and the fun has just begun. So roll out the Halloween heads and let the spooking begin.

Human Heads

When you do want to bring the gore and give that unforgettable eerie feeling, then nothing beats a severed, bloody human head. Nothing is more freighting than something that is realistic and that is exactly what you will get with our human heads, your guests are going to think they are seeing the real thing and have a spine chilling fear of what’s to come. Be prepared for some screams when your break out our astonishing human heads. When you throw these human heads in the mix with all your other Halloween props and decorations, you are going to have one amazing and scary haunt that will be gossiped about for years.