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Gory Bodies

Gory Body Props

These gory bodies will give your haunt essential, scary Halloween effects.

Gory Body Props for Haunted Houses or Halloween

When you need realistic gory bodies to use in your Halloween haunt and you can't afford to hire actors or you need to have them cut open or mutilated then you need a few Halloween bodies so that you don't need to pay actors or worry about them getting hurt. It is a whole lot easier to use Halloween bodies than any actor, since you can do pretty much anything you want with them. You can cut them, dissect them, hang them, dress them up, whatever your mind can come up with these Halloween bodies are willing to do with no complaints.


Select from these gory bodies:


Human Torso

So you want something sick crawling across the ground like a torn apart zombie in your yard or Halloween haunt? Then check out our awesome human torso. These things will have your stomach turning and your guests freaking in no time flat. When you add a human torso to your decorating ideas you will have turned a normal haunt into one hellish twisted haunt. These human torsos are great for all types of gory scenes like the lair of demonic monsters, or they can be victims of ghouls, zombies, or even ax murderers. Let your imagination run wild and use our human torso for all your sinister ideas.

Gory Prop

If you are looking to have a really sinister and sick haunt then you are going to need a gory prop or two at the least to really make it twisted and stick in people’s minds. How far you go is up to you, but the gruesome your gory prop is the better. When you get an animated gory prop it is even more realistic and terrifying since they are not only going to look ghoulish and terrifying but move that way as well. No one is going to believe the scene if you do not have a realistic gory prop, but when you add some bloody fake body parts, or a torn apart human torso then you are ready to go all the way and have a really fun time seriously freaking and grossing your guest out and it is as easy as adding a gory halloween prop or two to your decorations.