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Pneumatic Fittings

Pneumatic Fittings

Pneumatic Fittings for Air Powered Halloween Props

If you are building your own scary animated prop or even connecting some of our wonderful pre built props you are going to need some of our easy to use pneumatic fittings.

Affordable, high-quality, push-in style pneumatic fittings and parts. For DIY prop building or simply connecting pre-built props, these fittings are a must-have for any haunter. Buy individually, or choose a kit to save money.

No tools required to insert air-line tubing. To remove, simply pull the blue lip back and remove the tubing. Can be used over and over.

Since we use push in pneumatic fittings you are not going to need any other tool but your fingers to connect these awesome pneumatic fittings to your spooky props. We have all the pneumatic fittings you are going to need to get a great setup. We sell individual pieces or you can save your self some hard earned money by buying them in kits. We have huge 100, 200, and 300 piece pneumatic fittings kits that will give you a variety of pneumatic fittings that you will need for your animatronic props, these are great if you plan on setting up more than one prop in your Halloween haunted house.


So you keep seeing us mention the word pneumatics, but you might not know what it really means, well what pneumatics means is pretty simple, it breaks down like this, pneumatics uses pressurized gas to give a un-animated object mechanical movement. Pneumatics is what makes your props move back and forth and up and down. It is also what gives our pop up, launching props their springing movement. Our pneumatics are going to animate your props and kick up their creep and scare factor more so than any static prop could ever do. When you use our pneumatics you are going to make your horrifying props move in every way imaginable and at really low prices that won't make you want to rip our eyes out when you see the price tag.

Push In Fittings

Most pneumatic fittings are a real nightmare to use, you are always searching around for the right tool you need. With our great push in fittings, no tools are needed, all you have to do is pull the blue lip back to work our push in fittings, they are extremely simple to use, which frees you up to concentrate on the more important things like eating candy, or getting those final gory touches just right on your pneumatic props. We have every push in fitting you can need, 5 ways, 4 ways, flow controls, elbows, T's, Y's, breather valves, and shot off valves. No matter what type of push in fitting you need we have it and in the right size and price.

Air Fittings

Anytime you are going to use air-powered props you are going to need several types of air fittings to connect your tubing to your props. We sell every type you need and then some so you never need to worry about finding the right air fitting for your prop. If you are not sure which ones you are going to need for your creepy prop, then we are more than thrilled to give you a helping hand. We only sell the highest quality air fittings that are available, that way you can be assured that all your sinister props will move and function at their peak performance every single time you turn them on, we guarantee it.

Compressor Fittings

You are going to need some compressor fittings to get your air to your props and we have any and all of the compressor fittings you are going to need to get the perfect amount of airflow from your compressor to your amazing prop giving you the killer animation that you are trying to achieve. If you are looking to really animate your prop beyond amazing than with our pneumatics and all of our push in air, pneumatic, and compressor fittings, you will have all the ammo you need to have awesome and perfectly moving props anytime you have a need for them.