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Pneumatic Hardware

Pneumatic Hardware

Pneumatic Hardware & Mounting Brackets for Halloween Props

To have a solid prop you are going to have to firmly mount your cylinders to your props and that is where our extra strong pneumatic hardware comes into play.

Everything you need to mount your cylinders to your props, select pneumatic hardware fittings here!

We have all the pneumatic hardware you are going to need to mount your cylinders to your props and to hang your props securely to whatever you need to mount them too. All of pneumatic hardware is designed to be ultra strong and sturdy so you can mount your cylinders tight, so no damage will occur from jarring and shaking that goes on when your props are activated. Your cylinders will stay onto your props no matter what you decide to put them through with our pneumatic hardware.

Air Regulators

When you want to control how fast or slow your props move, you need to use air regulators to adjust the air flow that goes into your Halloween prop. We have several different air regulators designed to give you perfect control of your air flow. We have 1/4, 1/2, and 3/8 inch flow control unions in our selection of air regulators, and all of our air regulators are made of the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the perfect amount of air flow for all your many different props.

Clevis Fastener

We have both locking clevis and the standard clevis fasterners, both of these types thread on to the end of the cylinder rod and allows for swivel motion and movement on the nose end of your cylinders. The locking clevis is especially great for when you have a lot of rough, jarring, and shaking movements from your props, it will lock very securely and snugly, that way no damage occurs to any of your other hardware or your props.

Rod Ends

These are great when you are building pneumatic props, this is a vital part of the cylinder since this part is what is propelled back and forth by the air and gives you the motion and movement, and this is also the safest type of cylinder to use. These are threaded onto the cylinders shaft and are used for a bumper or cushion for added strength or can be used to attach to a pivot bracket. These come in two different bore sizes, 1" or 1.75", depending on what size you need. These are also really cheap starting at only $6.95 each.

Foot Brackets

When you need to securely mount your cylinders to where they do not move back and forth then you need foot brackets. There are two types of foot brackets, ones that can only be mounted on the top, which are called nose foot brackets, or you have the universal foot brackets that can be mounted on the top or bottom. We like to give you as many options as possible so we carry the universal foot brackets so that you are not limited in your mounting positions and needs. We want you to be happy with all your purchases and we guarantee that you will be by giving you only the best pneumatic hardware that is available on the market.