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Fog Scents

With fog scent you can create subtle or powerful odors. Stimulate the sense of smell for more Halloween effects.

Fog Scents


Fog Scents 

You can have a great Halloween haunted house or a really exciting party with just special effects and some thick fog. But, if you really want to add that extra something that no one else is going to think of, then add some unique and exciting fog scents to your fog juice before turning on your fog machine.

We have a huge selection of fog scents to choose from, that will match any type of event you might ever want to throw! If you are putting on a Halloween haunted house, then add some of our creepy fog scents like Dead Zone, Burnt Flesh, or Creepy Crypt, and you will have everyone believing you have created a hell dimension on earth.

Or if you are throwing a fun and festive birthday party, add our Cotton Candy, Carnival, Black Cherry, Butterscotch, or Candy Corn fog scents. All of your guests will love the yummy smells coming from your fog machine, and they'll be wowed by the extra effort you put into your special occasions. Can't find the scent you are looking for? No problem - we make custom scents too!

Browse the best scent products here. We have tested, reviewed, and selected them all:

Scented Fog Juice

When you use our fabulous scented fog juice at your next special event, you will have everyone walking around in amazement trying to figure out where the creepy, devilish, intriguing, or delicious scents have come from.

This wonderful scented fog juice is also super easy to use; just add it to your fog machine and turn it on. The benefits you get from using scented fog juice at your party, event, or Halloween haunted house will far exceed the minimal cost of this fantastic scented fog juice. it will bring a realism to your event unlike anything else can.

Fog Machine Scents

We carry so many different fog machine scents that you will be astounded at the weird, spooky, yummy, calming, and natural fog machine scents that are available. We have fog machine scents for everyone, no matter what your event is going to be.

Check out our trippy Marijuana scent, for those of you who like to be a little wild but still stay legal. Or if you are into the nature scene, try our Beach fog machine scents to sweep you away to that island paradise. We even have Campfire scents to remind you of that special camping trip, or Gunpowder fog machine scents for you hunting enthusiasts.

Our wide array of fog machine scents include creepy scents for your Halloween themed events, yummy candy and sweet scents for birthdays and concerts, creepy scents, to add something special to your spooky Haunted House, and icky scents, for those fog users looking to try something different. Check out our selection of fog machine scents and we guarantee you will find the perfect match for your party or special occasion.

Scent Additives

These amazing scent additives are really inexpensive. At just $9.95 for 2 ounces of scent, our scent additives will kick your foggy party up a notch above the rest, and since 1 two ounce bottle of our scent additive makes a whole gallon of fog juice smell, you can be sure to have hours of time to enjoy whatever scent you choose.

Don't worry about our scent additives lingering after you are through using them. You can use a bottle of our Fog Scent Eliminator and you will never know you'd scented your fog fluid. So go ahead and add another dimension of realism to your Halloween haunted house or smashing party with our scent additives. You will be glad you did when everyone compliments you on your amazing creativity and attention to detail.

Custom Fog Scents

Can't find the scent you're looking for on our website? Send us an email or give us a call and let us know what special scent we can create for you. We can custom make just about any scent you can come up with, and with over 2500 different scents to choose from, we're sure to have just what you need to take your festive gathering or event to the next level! Whether it be sweet, stinky, or downright foul, our custom fog scents are sure to be a huge hit.