Digital 4-Button Password Panel (w/ Audio) - Escape Room Prop

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Digital 4-Button Password Panel (w/ Audio) - Escape Room Prop

Brief introduction:
Adventurers need to figure out the correct four-digit password to open a lock, door, safe, etc. 

Packing list:
1 black panel with controller (4 buttons)
1 power supply

How to reset:
After triggered successfully, enter 8090 to reset, or cut off the power supply to reset. 

How to change the password:
1. Cut off the power supply
2. Hold down any one of the four buttons. 
3. Connect the power supply; the digital number will show the current password. Follow the audio tips to set your new password.
4. Enter new password; after 10 seconds the audio will indicate that the password was set successfully.

How to play:
1. Connect the power supply.
2. Press any one of the buttons to activate the number. 
3. Enter the correct password to open the lock. 
4. If there is no activity for 1 minute the panel light will shut off.
5. The black and red cable connect to the EL lock - black cable to black cable, red cable to red cable.

How to change the audio:
1. Take out the TF card in the controller. 
2. Connect the TF card to the computer.
3. Replace the previous audio.

Note: The controller comes with a built-in speaker but external speakers can be added.


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