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Pneumatic Air Cylinders

Pneumatic Air Cylinders

Pneumatic Air Cylinders for Halloween Props

When you want your static props to have life and move around, this is when you need our double acting air cylinders and pneumatic solenoids. Our air cylinders are what extend back and forth when triggered by the solenoid allowing you to have the different parts of your props move.

These double acting air cylinders are just the things you need to have your props make more of a major startle effect in your Halloween haunt. They are actually quite inexpensive too, so you can use more than just one on your prop. When the solenoid is activated, air is forced through a hole at the bottom and moves the rod quickly up. When the solenoid is triggered again it forces the rod back down, and this gives you the up and down or in and out motion you are looking for. You can use these air cylinders to open lids, move the different parts of your human like props, or anything else you want to move in this type of way.

Pneumatic Cylinders

Using lots of pneumatic cylinders in your Halloween props will give them the animation and realism that really takes your props to the next scary level. You can use these pneumatic cylinders to power all types of Halloween props like our coffin lid banger, trash can trauma, and our door banger props. But these pneumatic cylinders are great to animate your gruesome zombies, killer clowns, chain rattling ghosts and blood sucking vampires too, and you can animate them at your own timing allowing you to really terrify and startle your guests.

Bimba Cylinders

We not only sell our own awesome HFX pneumatic cylinders but we also carry Bimba cylinders, both are really great and you will get all the motion you want from either one you choose to use. Simply hook up a few Bimba cylinders or some of our great cylinders to your prop and become amazed at how the prop comes to life and starts really freaking people out. Since our HFX cylinder price start at $29.95 you are going to find that ours work just as good as Bimba cylinders and you will not have to lose sleep by over spending on your Halloween decorations.

Air Rams

When you want one of your scary props to pop up and startle someone, than using some of our air rams will give your guests an amazing frightful experience and have them wetting their pants in an instant. Nothing can beat the in your face startle that having a gory moving prop jump out and attack you will give. You can also control the speed at which our air rams attack your terrified guests, slow or fast you are going to give everyone one hell of a fright this Halloween when you use our awesome air rams to propel your props.

Double Acting Cylinders (PREMIUM):

These extend quickly when air is applied, and snap closed quickly when Solenoid is triggered. Must use with a 3-way or 4-way solenoid.

When the solenoid is triggered, air is applied through the bottom hole - forcing rod up very quickly. Then, when the solenoid is triggered again, air is supplied through the top hole, retracting the cylinder rapidly and keeping the cylinder closed.

Great for quick motion, scare props, and for making an in-out or up-down motion in a prop.

Door Banger
Coffin Lid Banger
Barrel Lid Banger
Monster in a Box
Trash Can Trauma


Bore: This is the measure of the diameter of the cylinder. Bigger bore size = more air required to open cylinder = more torque (power) to move things.

Stroke: This is the measure of how far out the shaft of the cylinder will extend when fully extended.