1" Bore X 1" Stroke Pneumatic Air Cylinder

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These pneumatic cylinders are what everyone uses to make Halloween Props. They are extremely versatile, and have tons of mounting options that will allow you to set up your prop in may different ways.

These double-acting cylinders extend quickly when air is applied, and snap closed quickly when Solenoid is triggered (when used with a 4-way solenoid).

You can also use these with a 2-way or 3-way solenoid if you are using gravity/weight to push the cylinder back down.

When the solenoid is triggered, air is applied through the bottom hole - forcing rod up very quickly. Then, when the solenoid is triggered again, air is supplied through the top hole, retracting the cylinder rapidly and keeping the cylinder closed.

Great for quick motion, scare props, and for making an in-out or up-down motion in a prop.

Lid Opener
Pop-up props
Moving Skeletons or Zombies
Door Banger
Coffin Lid Banger
Barrel Lid Banger
Monster in a Box
Trash Can Trauma

Bore: This is the measure of the diameter of the cylinder. Bigger bore size = more air required to open cylinder = more torque (power) to move things.
With this roughly 1" BORE, you will get about 100 lbs. of force at 100 PSI of air pressure. 

Stroke: This is the measure of how far out the shaft of the cylinder will extend when fully extended.

Air Holes: Cylinder comes with two push-in fittings that accept 1/4" airline.

Cylinder Hardware: Click here to view mounting hardware for these cylinders: https://www.halloweenfxprops.com/pneumatic-hardware/

Please choose your STROKE size from the available options above.


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