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Halloween Props for Haunted Houses.

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We are passionate about Halloween. Is there really any other Holiday worth celebrating?! All of our props and tools are top-quality and guaranteed to satisfy you, or your money back. Simple as that.

Do you like fog? Using our 3,000 Watt Swamp Creeper fogger, you can make continuous low-lying fog for up to 5 hours - without any reheating time for the machine! We even have a Power Blaster fogger that makes 40,000 cubic feet of fog per minute.

How about scaring people? Our line of electronic noise makers is sure to scare the pants off your guests.

Spiderwebs anyone? The Webmaster 2000 makes professional and realistic spider webs - Fast! No compressor required. Just start spinning webs.

Looking for scary animated halloween props, or DIY prop kits? You have come to the right place for scary Halloween effects. If making your own props is your passion, we have the supplies, tools and know-how to help you make magnificent animated, pneumatic, electric, bubbling, ghastly or any other type of prop you can imagine. We are a DIY Halloween Prop Supply house.

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Halloween props, especially props that have movement, are a great way to add professionalism and that scare-factor to your haunt. Pros know that for awesome Halloween effects, you need great props. Halloween FX Props sells everything you will need to have one of the greatest haunts ever! We stand behind all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Animated Props are the ones with movement. They are so wonderful because of their ability to scare people. There is no substitute for a great animated prop. The two different types of animated props are electric and pneumatic (air powered.) Electric props simply “plug and play” while pneumatic props require an air compressor.


An air-powered pneumatic prop is made out of pneumatic parts. Don’t be scared off by pneumatic props though! The pneumatic parts are easy to assemble, last a long time, and are usually more affordable than electric props. Most props work with an inexpensive air compressor you can buy for under $100, and attaching the air tubing to the props doesn’t even require tools! All of our fittings are “push-in” fittings. Our pneumatic parts like air cylinders, solenoid valves and fittings are used by thousands of people just like you every year.


If you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of person, then you will love our complete selection of DIY Halloween props and pneumatic parts like cylinders, fittings, and solenoids. We also have DIY prop kits for you to quickly assemble into professional haunted house props.


Let’s not forget Ambiance! Fog Machines are an essential part of any great haunt. Home haunters and large companies like Disney use our incredible fog machines. In fact, we have the world’s only non-stop fog machines that have no reheating cycles or reduced output of fog.

Do you like low fog? That thick, white blanket of fog that rolls gently over the ground? Then you will enjoy our fog chillers and low ground fog machines – like our Swamp Creeper. This machine puts out more smoke than you can imagine. We have a great range of fog machines, from budget to professional.


Companies like Six Flags Great America, Disney, and Professional Haunted Houses use many of our animatronic Halloween props. While using an actor in a haunt can provide great results, it is expensive, dangerous, and sometimes impossible to use an actor. This is when animatronic Halloween props come to the rescue. They never call in sick, are always on time, and ready to work!

We love making custom props too! Some incredible items we have built include Exorcist Bed Lifters, Hellevator turbo-drop rides for Knott’s Berry Farm, incredible flame throwers for Netherworld Haunted House and custom fog scents for Disney.


Aside from props, you will need lots of décor to set the scene for your haunt. Spider webs are easily created using our Webmaster 2000 spiderweb gun. Camo netting and Halloween cloth can quickly turn your home into a haunted house. Other Halloween effects that should be considered are fake blood, decorations, professional halloween lighting and static props like spooky Halloween signs.


How about Halloween costumes, masks and cheap wigs? We have more than a thousand different cheap wigs and more than 6,000 costumes and latex masks – from Super Hero to Super Gory.


A great way to add a spooky effect to your haunt is with Halloween signs. These sinister signs (or stickers) are professionally designed and distressed to give that aged look. With these Halloween signs, your theme rooms will be complete. Whether it’s High Voltage, Condemned or Zombie Containment Area – these weatherproof signs are a great addition to your haunt.


Whether you are looking for Halloween costumes, special effects for your haunt, or custom DIY Prop kits, you have come to the right place here at Halloween FX Props.


Halloween FX Props, Animated Props, DIY Prop Kits, Fog Machines, Costumes, Masks, and Special Effects for the Serious Haunter


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