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Blood and Liquid Latex

Blood and Liquid Latex

Select from makeup supplies, like Fake Blood, Liquid Latex, Zombie Skin and other Halloween Effects.

Everyone who makes Halloween masks or prosthetics, knows that one the best material to make really wicked realistic looking special effects is liquid latex. And when you want to have gory and gruesome special effects you add some fake blood to them to make them really stand out. But finding liquid latex and fake blood that is not only great quality but priced cheaply is not always easy to do, you end up wishing that you could manifest a magical money tree to pay for it.

Well now you do not have to worry about getting robbed blind, we sell amazing high quality liquid latex that rivals the best and our fake blood looks like it was just sucked out of an artery for awesomely low prices. You will be spewing blood and dressed up like a heinous monster before you know it and it won’t cost you any body parts to do it.

We can hook you up with liquid latex that will make any wound look like the real thing. We also have some really unique liquid latex that will make your zombie skin glow and look like it has been decaying for years. You can make just about anything with our liquid latex and when you add our fake blood to the creation, you have one hellish combination.