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Hollywood Blood Gel

Hollywood Blood Gel This blood gel can be applied over fake wound made of latex to make them look like real severed flesh falling of the skin. If you are a special effects enthusiast, then this is one material you surely need! Hollywood Blood Gel Best...

Mr. Nasty's Alien Blood Bodily Fluid

$9.95 - $19.95
This neon-green blood adds an eerie edge to skeletons, zombie and alien props, and any other spooky, futuristic prop you may have! Stays looking "wet" forever - even after it dries. Safe to use on props, but not for use on skin. Available in 4 oz., 8 oz...
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Fake Blood

Halloween Blood

When you have a great costume, you really do not want to settle for non-realistic blood, but Halloween blood is easy to make and there are a lot of Halloween blood out there that is pretty realistic and can pass for real blood especially in the dark. Everyone loves to dress up and play with Halloween blood that is after all what’s so great about the holiday. But if you do not think you can get realistic Halloween blood anywhere that is around you than you can always learn how to make your own Halloween blood and since it lasts a long time when properly stored you can make it ahead of time and have it ready to use when you need it.

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How To Make Fake Blood

The first thing you should know about how to make fake blood is that there are two different types. The first is a non-toxic edible type that is great for using in your mouth for vampire and zombie costumes or anything else that might come into contact with your mouth. This type is usually made with water, corn syrup, food coloring and chocolate to make it darker and more believable. Its really simple to learn how to make fake blood, here are the steps you take to make the edible kind. First combine 1 part water to 3 parts light corn syrup, add drops of red food coloring one at a time, stirring to mix as you go until it closely resembles the color of blood, then add 1 drop of blue or green food coloring until it darkens to the right color. If you want it to look like arterial blood than stay with the brighter red, for older blood it should be darker in color. Then slowly add your chocolate syrup to thicken it to the consistency you want it to be. The great thing about this type of fake blood is that it can be placed in edible gel capsules that you can hold in your mouth for a real surprise. It’s easy to learn how to make fake blood even the Hollywood version is simple to make but remember that it is not edible and can be toxic if digested. Here are the steps to make the Hollywood version. This version is also not sticky and will splatter and run just like real blood does. First get some alcohol free water soluble clear hair gel and pour about 3/4 of the amount of blood you are going to want to make into a bowl, then mix in some water soluble motor oil slowly, mixing until the gel turns watery. Then you are going to add in red food coloring until the color resembles that of blood, then thicken and darken it with chocolate syrup until it achieves the right color and texture that you are trying to achieve. You can add some hand sanitizer in if you are not getting the right drippy consistency but be careful as this can weaken your mixture easily.

Zombie Blood

When you set out to make or buy zombie blood than you should get the edible kind just to be on the safe side since it will be close to your mouth. Using gel capsules are good for the effect of blood spilling out of the mouth and the blood should be darker too since zombies are dead then it goes to reason that zombie blood would be old. But you can always mix the two colors of blood to make a great zombie blood scene. The older color of zombie blood for what’s been oozing of it and the newer and fresher blood of its victim. This will give an awesome realistic effect to your costume and Halloween haunt.