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Marijuana Scent Spritzer

This scent combines the scent of fresh marijuana leaves, with the less powerful smell of dried bud. Easily add unique scents to your haunted venue WITHOUT the need for a fog machine! Simply spritz the air, props, wall surfaces, even clothing, to infuse...
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Celebrate Halloween with fake blood, gore and spooky body parts. To find gory props, scary decor, and frightning Halloween supplies, choose a category or browse here.Gore Props & Bloody Body Parts for Haunted Houses

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Gore Props For Halloween

It is really fun to be a little twisted sometimes, but alas unless you are some of the lucky few that work on horror movie sets, you probably do not get the chance to be as creative as your imagination wants you to really be. But Halloween can be your best friend since you can be as twisted and gruesome as you want to be, especially since you can use a lot of gory props for Halloween!

Let your freakishness run free with severed dripping heads, ripped apart bodies, bloody body parts, squishy nightmarish organs, and all the fake blood you can stomach. Your twisted side will be satisfied for the whole year when you play with all the gory props we offer our Halloweener’s. Come and see, we guarantee they all will please, no matter the style of wicked gore you need.

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