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3-Way Solenoid Valve 3/8"

3-Way Solenoid Valves (COMMON) A step up from 2-Way valves. These have an air inlet, an air outlet and an exhaust port. There are 3 main advantages to a 3-Way valve versus a 2-Way valve: 1. They allow a much greater amount of air to flow through the...
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4-Way Solenoid Valve 1/4"

4-Way Solenoid Valves (VERSATILE) These valves offer the most versatility as they can be used for anything. They actually have 5 ports: One port is for air going IN from your compressor. Two ports are for air going OUT to your prop's cylinders. 2 ports...
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Pneumatic Parts

Pneumatic Parts

Pneumatic prop parts, actuators, air hose fittings, pneumatic hardware kits, animatronic solenoid valves and more. If you are looking for the best prices on pneumatics our parts & fittings are high quality and affordable!

Pneumatic prop parts, actuators, air hose fittings, pneumatic hardware kits, animatronic solenoid valves and more. If you are looking for the best prices on pneumatics our parts & fittings are high quality and affordable!

Pneumatic parts, air hose fittings, prop kits, hardware, animatronic solenoid valves, push in fittings.

Pneumatic cylinders, air cylinders, prop actuators.DIY Pneumatic Prop Kits for HalloweenPneumatic fittings, air hose connectors, splitters, manifolds, push in fittings and more!Pneumatic hardware, mechanical connectors, mounting brackets.Pneumatic solenoids, solenoid valves.

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Almost nothing is more startling than movement in a haunted house, and pneumatic parts are what you need to turn a static prop into a dynamic one. Pneumatic parts run on simple compressed air – and our prices are the best on the web. We provide great Halloween props and pneumatic parts & fittings with fantastic customer service at excellent prices.

Air Cylinders

Air cylinders are the “muscles” of your Halloween prop. They attach to the structure of a prop, and generate movement. Without these pneumatic air cylinders, your prop would be quite boring!

For example, say you have a cool plastic skeleton that sits in a chair. Wouldn’t it be much cooler if the skeleton lunged forward and lifted its arm? Simply add two air cylinders, one for the arm lifting and the other for the spine bending.

And since our air cylinders start at $24, you can make an incredible Halloween props quite inexpensively!

Also known as air rams or actuators, air cylinders are actually quite simple to use. They attach to an air source from your air compressor. When air is applied, the shaft slides out rapidly. 

Pneumatic Fittings

These affordable little pneumatic fittings are what you need bring all your Halloween props to horrific life. The push in pneumatic fittings require no tools, so you will have no problems fitting them to your air-line tubing for gruesome animatronics. These inexpensive air fittings, splitters, or air hose connection manifolds can be bought alone or in packages to save you even more money, that way you can buy even more Halloween animatronic props that will give your neighbors the scare of their lives.

All of our air fittings are of the highest quality, so you know all your Halloween pneumatic props will function perfectly every time. Our air fittings are also reusable so you will be able to use them to spook your neighbors for years.

Pneumatic Hardware

You are going to need to mount some, if not all, of your Halloween Pneumatic Props to your pneumatic cylinders. We have all the pneumatic hardware you are going to need to give your Halloween animatronics the spotlight and realism they deserve. From rod ends to foot brackets, and everything in between.

Have your Halloween props hanging everywhere, ready to terrify those who dare to enter. When you have animatronic props that require numerous air rams or air cylinders, you will definitely need a pneumatic hardware kit to ensure you get the perfect fit and terrifying movement for your Halloween props every time. 

Pneumatic Solenoids

Our pneumatic solenoids allow you to control the airflow going to your Halloween animatronic props. These animatronic valves allow you to send air when you want to. Lets say you have an animatronic Halloween prop that you have made move in 2 or 3 ways, with these pneumatic solenoids, they will let you move each part separately so it is even more realistic and spooky.

We carry 2 way actuators, 3 way pneumatic solenoids, and 4 way pneumatic solenoids to enhance all your Halloween animatronic props. You can also use these pneumatic solenoid valves to spew colored water all over your victims to give them a real spine chilling fright.

You will need to buy separate pneumatic fittings, since they do not come with our pneumatic solenoids, but just give us a call and we will be thrilled to tell you which air fittings are the ones you need to bring your Halloween props to gruesome life.

Add a timer or a prop controller to automate your animatronic prop. 

Pneumatic-parts animatronic-prop-parts coffin-bouncer-kit

Have a Happy Pneumatic Halloween!

We guarantee you are going to have a great Halloween with this pneumatic equipment that makes animatronic Halloween props. You will be able to animate your props in all sorts of ways to give your neighbors frightful experiences that will make them jump out of their skin! Just remember to add the danger zone signs so they know what awaits them in your house or yard of horrors!

With our pneumatic Halloween props you can bring out all the gore and goo so your helpless victims will leave your yard frightened and wet! Try spewing fake toxic waste or even blood, using a solenoid. Happy Halloween!

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